Domain Renewals / Cancellations / Unlock domain / Get EPP code

To Renew or Cancel or Unlock or Request an EPP Code for domains,  please do the following for each domain :

 1. login to the customer portal area
 2. Click on the "my domains" menu item at the top

To Renew / Auto Renew
You can either click on the "manual renew" button to renew your domain, or you can "enable the auto renew" button to enable the domain to be renewed each year automatically.

To Cancell / stop domain renewal
If the auto renew is enabled, all you do to cancell the domain is to click on the "disable auto renew" button, which will then let the domain expire at the end of the current registration period.

To unlocck a domain
Click on the "Registraar Lock tab" and then click on the "Disable regisraar lock"button this will allow the domain to be released by the registraar when they receive a transfer request.

To obtain an EPP Code
click on Management tools, then click on get EPP code, this will instruct ENOM to send the epp code to the registrants email address.
Please note:
1. International domains such as .com, .net, etc if they expire go into a expired state for 1 month during this period they can be renewed at the current registration prices
2. After this period they go into a redemption status, where they can be recovered and re-instated but at a cost of $250 (about R2300.00).
3. This is imposed by the international registraars and we have NO say in this.
4. After this anyone is able to purchase these domains. So please ensure that your domain is renewed on time.


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