Fixed IP Addresses / Dynamic DNS ?

Telkom  does not provide provides Fixed IP addresses on ADSL connections.   Unless you are running a VPN.

However we do provide DynamicDNS to our customers, this is effectively the same/similar to  Fixed IP addresses.

Most customers want fixed IP addresses so they can access their machines at the office or Home from the Internet, with the IP address changing every 24 hrs makes this a bit of a problem.  DynamicDNS Software  runs on a PC/Server and checks the ADSL Routers IP address every 10 Minutes if the software finds that the IP address of the router has changed it automatically updates your dns address on our servers. So you are able to access your Servers / C remotely at anytime by using a dns name IE "" instead of an IP address.

Worst Case Scenario is that if the IP address changes and the DDNS software has just checked the IP address just before the change, then your dns will not be updated for a 10 minute period. Considering that your IP address only changes once every 24 hours this makes it an ideal alternative to fixed IP addresses.

We currently run this for all our SMB customers who run servers like Microsoft Small business Server, and other Mail Servers at their offices, they are able to run VPN Sessions, remotely access documents, email etc just the same as a Fixed IP address.

Should you opt for this option HostworX will manipulate your DNS records according to the fixed address provided at a cost of R50-00pm


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