Outlook Express POP/IMAP Setup & Configuration

To check your email using Outlook express just follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Tools
  • Click Accounts
  • Click the Mail Tab
  • Select the account to edit and then Click properties
  • Enter the following in each box:
  • Mail Account name to refer to this account eg myaccount.co.za
  • Full Name - Your name The email address you are setting up
  • Click the Servers Tab
  • Internet POP3 mail server - pop.xxxxx.co.za (Replace "xxxxx" with your domain name)
  • Internet SMTP mail server - smtp.xxxxx.co.za
  • Account Name - Same as the email address
  • Password - Enter your password
  • Click the checkbox by Outgoing Server marked 'My server requires authentication'
  • Click Ok
  • Click Close
  • You can now check your email though Outlook Express!

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