Wordpress - Enabling Email Sending and SMTP authentication

To enable sending mail via wordpress, you need to download and install one of the below wordpress plugins. Once installed you need to fill in the below information as required by each plugin. Normally you will create an email account under your domain, ie website@yourdomain.co.za and use this account to authenticate to the mail servers.


  • Specify the from name and email address for outgoing email. This is a valid email account on your domain. ie website@yourdomain.co.za
  • Choose to send mail by SMTP.
  • Specify an SMTP host (defaults to localhost).  This needs to be your domains mail server typically SMTP.yourowndomain.co.za (replace yourown domain.co.za with your own domain name.)
  • Specify an SMTP port (defaults to 25).
  • Choose SSL / TLS encryption. (if you use this you need to use the howstworx mail server names. see Using SSL/TLS  (If you experience issues turn this off)
  • Choose to use SMTP authentication (it defaults to no, change to yes).
  • Specify an SMTP username and password. (this is a valid domain email account and password. ie website@yourdomain.co.za

To configure, install and enable smtp authentication in wordpress to relay mail via our servers please see the following links



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