HostworX offers a solid range of Hosting and Connectivity products to our resellers. This allows you to create a sustainable business without the hassle of licencing and managing of hardware platforms, Software and security issues, leaving you to concentrate your time on your clients needs.

We offer a broad spectrum of products ranging from :
  • Shared Web Hosting platforms offering your clients the benefit of being able to host .NET and MsSql websites and apps, as Well as PHP and Mysql based websites like Wordpress & Joomla CMS. Managed via SolidCp Control panel, allows you to have full control over your clients hosting spaces from a centralized location. SolidCp allows you to provide clients who are capable of managing their own hosting environments, user logins to their own hosting locations. You can also intergrate automated billing systems Like WHMCS into our control panel to automate yourbilling and management of clients
  • VPS servers for clients that want dedicated platforms, and be able to manage these themselves. Selectable configution options allow you to quickly put a solution together for your clients needs.
  • ADSL Connectivity, with Bilk Capped and Uncapped offerings, over Copper or Fibre links countrywide.
  • Our New Mobile Offerings offer Fixed LTE-A high bandwidth solutons for clients who have no or little telkom or fibre coverage.Viea the Rain LTE-A NetworK and CellC's LTE Network at excellent rates.
  • Bulkmail and Bulk SMS messenging offerings, to get your clients marketing solutions working.
Our Resellers benefit from low rates on hosting and discounted pricing on our connectivity products. However Resellers do have certain obligations to fullfil regarding the agreement and provision of such low cost services. We offer siding scale based discount structures on products, the more products sold the more we discount the products, we do this to encourage our resellers to grow their businesses and earn higher discounts.

Frequently asked questions

Here's a selection of answers to our most popular questions.

What is ADSL ?

ADSL is a fixed line connection to the Internet via copper telephone lines.
There are two parts to adsl. - the infrastructure provider (Telkom) and the data provider (HOSTWORX). Telkom exclusively lays the copper lines and you have to have a voice line to get an ADSL line. Data is provided by an ISP (Internet Service Provider). HOSTWORX is an ISP.

ADSL is made up of two parts - data and line speed.

Data is measured in Gigabytes (GB). The higher the number, the more data you have.

Speed is measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). This is the speed at which your data will be carried across your connection. The higher the number, the faster the speed

What is FIXED LTE or LTE-Advanced ?

Fixed LTE is the latest offering from various providers offering internet access across an LTE or LTE-Advanced data network.
There nice part of this is you dont need a telephone line, you can move the router between locations easily. You can enjoy speeds of upto 69Mbps depending on your location. The price per GB of dat is releatively low and over time will certainly come down even further..

Topups are also much cheaper than the current prices charged by the major cell networks. you can get a 10 to 1 ratio of data on these networks compared to the major Cell providers.

Data is measured in Gigabytes (GB). The higher the number, the more data you have.

There is one small drawback with these networks currently, and that is if you are looking to download hundreds of Gigabytes of data ie 300 or more then this route could be a little costly at this point in time. For streaming movies and accessing the internet on an average basis 100 to 200Gb will get most people through a month. But as more people adopt these networks the price per GB will drop to next to nothing and most likey will compare to the current prices for ADSL capped accounts.

What is Reseller Uncapped ADSL?

Reseller Uncapped ADSL is a type of ADSL account that has no data cap that you can sell to clients. This means that they can use the Internet without ever reaching a cap. But Remember that these uncapped dsl accounts are subject to fair usage guidelines to restrict those who abuse the network.

What is Reseller Capped ADSL?

Reseller Capped ADSL is a type of ADSL account that has a set data limit available for you to resell to your customers. Once your customers reach this cap, their Internet access will be paused until they either purchase a top up data bundle, or if they have chosen an out of bundle billing package where they will be charged per MB used their cap.

Which should you choose - Capped VS. Uncapped

It all depends on what your customers are planning to do online and how they feel about managing their data. HostworX is here to help you work out the best product for clients needs. If they are an online gamer, their needs will be different to someone who just checks their mail.


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