What connection parameters do I use to connect to my database

Connection information :

You can connect to your database either via a dns name ie "mysql5.hostworx.co.za" or via the "ip address", however if you use the ipaddress and the server goes offline or into backup mode your website will not be available until the original server comes back online. We recommend using the dns name as the backup servers automatically assume this dns name if a failure occurs in the original servers.

(Please substitute your own domain name in the "yourdomain.co.za"   location or you can also substitute "hostworx.co.za" for "yourdomain.co.za")

DB Type Db Dns Access Name Db IpAddress Access Db Port Db Admin Url
Mysql5 mysql.yourdomain.co.za 3306 mysql.yourdomain.co.za
Mysql5 mysql.yourdomain.co.za 3306 mysql.yourdomain.co.za
MsSql2005 sql2005.yourdomain.co.za 1433 sqladmin.yourdomain.co.za
MsSql2005 mssql.yourdomain.co.za 1435 sqladmin5.yourdomain.co.za

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