What to do next on a hosting account.

Once you have signed up you should receive your welcome, email, an invoice and payment confirmation, and if you have registered a domain a domain confirmation email and a Hosting account welcome email.  

Please read these emails as they give you information on where to start and  

They contain your login details for :

  • Your client area. - This is where you manage your support requests, change / add to your existing account, get invoices, pay invoices, have access your  administrative side of your hosting account
  • Your Hosting Control Panel login, this is where you manage the actual websites, emails, etc related to your domain on our servers..

Right you have signed up and your domain has been registered.

What Next

  1. Firstly you need to login to the hosting control panel and change the default generated password this is achieved by going to the hosting control panel located at http://cp.Hostworx.co.za or http://cp.yourdomainname  (if your domain is active you can access the control panel using your own domain name.
  2. Once you have typed in your Hosting username and password you will be placed in your hosting control panel area. Click the Password Icon and change your password to one of your own choice, and click the back button. (Your FTP account is also setup initially using this same password, however by changing the CP login password, does not change your FTP user password.)
  3. Click the domains icon and select the domain by double clicking on the domain you want to edit.
  4. Scroll down and Click the FTP  Accounts icon.
  5. Select the ftp user account and change the password to one you will use, or create a new ftp user to use.

Next -  You are now ready to start creating email accounts.

  1. To add emails click on the Emails Icon, add the name of the account you are adding and enter the password to use (please note passwords need to be 8 characters minimum, and cannot be the same as the email address)

Next - Upload your website

You can use Windows Explorer to upload your website, or a 3rd party ftp program if you have one, or you can use the built in file manager in the control panel.

To upload using Microsoft Windows Explorer do the following :

  1. Click on "My Computer"
  2. in the address bar at the top where it says "My Computer" change it to your ftp address, by highlighting the existing text and entering ftp://ftp.yourowndomainname (please note this is in Windows Explorer NOT Internet Explorer)
  3. You will be prompted for your ftp username and password enter them and click the submit button
  4. The website will now open in windows explorer, you will see the folders, etc displayed in the same manner as your local files show.
  5. There are 3 folders in the initial view.   (DO NOT delete any of these folders they are required for normal operation.
    • LOG  Folder -  Website log files where the statistics programs use them to display statistics of visitors, etc from these files.
    • Backups Folder - This is, (if you create a long term backup)  where your backup files can be stored.
    • WWWROOT Folder - This is where all of your website files must be located to operate properly.  NOTE: DO NOT Delete the Web.config in this folder regardless if an application or plugin suggests that you delete all files in the folder !!!   Doing so will cause an error and you will have to contact support to resolve this.
  6. Click on the wwwroot folder you can now drag and drop files from your desktop or computer into this wwwroot folder and the files will be uploaded to our servers. Once this is uploaded you should then be able to go to http://www.yourowndomainname and your website should display properly.
  7. NOTE :- If you make use of technologies like ASP.NET or PHP you need to enable these under the Website settings and Advanced domain options settings icons. These are not enabled by default.
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