What is Local Only, Shaped, Unshaped and Uncapped ADSL ?

  • Local Only ADSL  

Local Only ADSL is an unshaped Southafrican Only ADSL account, it provides access to all servers and websites located in South Africa Oly, using unshaped access, this is ideal for local gaming servers, VOIP networks, and for people whom only want to access servers localted locally.

  • Shaped ADSL  

The shaped service distinguishes between the various protocols used over the Internet and is prioritized to give you the user a boost on certain protocols like web browsing, etc. As Some protocols like FTP, and certain file downloader programs, video, etc can hog traffic utilization and make things like browsing the web a nightmare to do whilst these programs run at the same time.

The main priority is HTTP. At present, all international HTTP traffic is transparently cached for ADSL users.   All international un-cached data is shaped. The following un-cached protocols are prioritized on the network: HTTP (in certain cases HTTP is not cached due to website incompatibilities), HTTPS, FTP, Mail (POP3, SMTP and IMAP), SSH and TELNET.

Any protocol not mentioned above will receive a lower priority on the network.

  • Unshaped   ADSL

This service does not distinguish between the different protocols, all protocols are treated the same, and will offer you unshaped international bandwidth and a higher data transfer rate. The unshaped service will not shape the un-cached protocols. All protocols will therefore share the available bandwidth equally. Similarly, local bandwidth will remain as is with no shaping implemented.

Keeping this in mind, this service is typically designed for a niche market including, for example, your typical Forex Trader, specific gaming applications, secure work from home options and VPN's. All these applications can use unfamiliar protocols, which are not necessarily bandwidth intensive but require an unshaped service to work optimally.

  • Uncapped ADSL

This service does not have the same limits that capped accounts have, this is ideal for people whom use a lot of traffic and dont want to be limited to a set traffic limit, however as in life there are always some limitations imposed on certain uses on uncapped accounts. A fair use policy governs the service and limits certain uses such   as the use of unattended downloaders such as torrents, and a few other programs. These are basically used for downloading a long list of files from thousands of websites sharing movies etc, BUT these activities can affect other users of the uncapped service and therefore prioritization of these services can be imposed when the international links are under pressure. This is purely to ensure that all users of the service get similar usage of the service.

Keeping this in mind, this service is typically designed for many people all utilizing the same service, so there will be times when the service can be loaded and the performance can be degraded. Although this service is ideal for gaming, it can have some latency issues in times of high load, and possibly you should look at utilizing shaped or unshaped traffic for gaming instead.

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