How to backup your website & database

We backup your website files / databases & emails daily on a 21 day revolving cycle, but it is still your responsibility to have a full backup of your website & database files available in the event you need to restore to a date beyond 21 days.

We make daily backups of your website files & databases, however you cannot access these backups directly.

To make backups of your website files for downloading / storing please follow the below procedure to backup the website and database files. These backups are not deleted on a revolving cycle, they remain on the servers until manually deleted. We reccomend backing up your site before making any updates to your websites, allowing you to restore if anything should go wrong with upgrades or updates.

To Backup/Restore your website

Under In the SolidCp control panel you are able to backup and restore your website files.

To Backup the website files

  1. To do this login to the control panel. (http://cp.yourowndomainname)
  2. Click on the file manager icon.
  3. Click the domain name from the list, this will open up the folders within it. The website files are located in the "wwwroot" folder, select the checkbox next to the wwroot folder and click the zip button.
  4. Enter the name of the zip file to create, we reccomend including the domain name, date and time, ie myweb201811271605 so you then know what time the backup was created, once entered c lick the "zip" button, this will create this zip file in the folder
  5. If you want to download the zip file simply click on it to start the download, else click the checkbox next to the file and click on the "move" button and select to move it to the backups folder from the dropdown and click the "move" button to confirm and move the file.

To Resore the website files

    1. Browse to the backups folder, select the file you want to restore, select the copy button, and copy the file to the root of the domain folder, ie you should see the "wwwroot" folder in the window. click the copy button, this will copy the file to this folder for you. Select the checkbox next to the file and select the unzip button, this will unzip the files back into the wwwroot folder. Once restored you can select the zip file again and delete it.
IMPORTANT NOTE - The backup process is dependant on how you backed up the folder, if you selected the wwwroot folder and backed up the files, then the zip file must reside in the same folder where the wwwroot folder is displaying to overwrite the folder.

If you select to unzip the file in the backup directory you will see it creates the wwwroot folder in the backup folder. 

If you are backing up the website because you are making a temporary backup, ie you are editing your site or you are upgrading your site and you want a backup incase there is an issue, then do not move the file to the backups folder.

If the upgrade is unsuccessfull, you can select the file and unzip it to restore the webfiles back to what they were previoulsy. If its successfull, then delete the backup file, create a new backup and then move it to the backups folder for safe keeping.

To Backup/Restore your Database

  1. To do this login to the control panel. (http://cp.yourowndomainname)
  2. Click on the datbase server type for your website, ie MySql or MsSql this is dependant on your website system.
  3. Click on the database name that you want to back up.
  4. Expand the Maintenance Tools area
  1. To backup a database
    1. Click on the "Backup" button to create a new backup
    2. Select/deselect if you want the backup zipped using the checkbox
    3. Select if you want to download the backup after its backed up or copy it to a folder on the webserver, we reccomend putting this in the backups folder under the domain name, by using the dropdown selector provided
    4. Click on the "backup" button
  2. To restore a database
    1. Click on the "restore" button
    2. Select the source location of the restore file, by either using the upload option or the local hosting space file option.
    3. Once you have selected the file you want to restore, click the Restore Button.
  3. Download a database (NOTE - Depending on the size of the database and speed of your internet connection this may take some time to download)
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