Connecting to MSSQL Server / Databases on hostworx with SSMSE 2008/2014

You need to install Sql Server Management Studio Edittion 2008/2014 from microsoft's site, once this is installed please follow the below options to configure SSMSE2008 to use port 1435 / 1437. The mssql server port 1433 is blaocked by default to prevent scripts which use the default port trying to hack the sql server, remote user need to use port 1435 or 1437 to access the server remotely.


1) Click Start > Program Files > Sql Server 2008/2014

2) Open the sql configuration manager

3) Click on sql native client 10.0/11.0 configuration (depending on your operating system select the 32bit or 64bit configuration option)

4) Click on aliases

5) Give it a name ie hostworxsql

6) Change the port to 1435 / 1437

7) Protocol must be "tcpip"

8) Server is "mssql.yourdomainsname" Replace yourdomainname, with your own domains name

9) Click ok


Then open up SSMSE 2008/2014 and in the server name field enter the alias name you created above, and then enter the database username and passwords that you setup in the control panel for the database.

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