Wordpress - Installing on our servers.

Installing wordpress on our servers is really fast and convenient.

  1. Login to the SolidCp control panel http://cp.yourowndomainname or http://cpanel.yourowndomainname.
  2. Click on the web app gallery under the Web & Applications Heading
  3. type "Wordpress" and click the search button.
  4. Click the Install button, then Click the Next Button.
  5. In the application information page, click the dropdown and select the website you want to install wordpress to. *
    1. Leave the APPLICATION NAME field BLANK !!!! this will ensure wordpress is installed in the root folder of your domain.

    2. In the database field you have 2 options, use an existing database if you manually created it, or create a new one. Enter the name of the database, username and password. **

    3. In the salt fields enter a phrase that will be used to encrypt your information.

  6. Once you have filled in the fields press INSTALL. This will download the latest version or Wordpress, Install it and create the datbase and users for you.
  7. Click the "Launch Wordpress" link, this will take you to your website where you will complete the rest of the install.
  8. "Select the language" and click Continue.
  9. Enter the Site Title, your Username for the wordpress admin user, a secure username password and an email address of the admin user.
  10. click The "Install Wordpress" button and Wordpress is installed and working.

  11. If you visit your site you will see the default install showing, you will now need to login via the administrative backend and design and finish your website.

* If the website does not display here it means you have not yet enabled the website in the websites part of solidCP. Click on websites in SolidCp, and follow the instructions.

** If you want to install wordpress in a sub folder, then you can enter it here and it will crete and install into the subfolder.

*** You will see the database name and password are preceded by your account number ie 123_ this prevents duplicate names with outher users.

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