We are in the process of implementing a new control panel on our systems, the old helm 4 control panel is no longer supported by the developer and we are in the process of moving our clients to the lates technology ans software, as to provide a superior service.

This has therefore required us to make the move to a new control panel, which will make things faster and easier for our customers. The new control panel will provide :

  • Automated installation of products such as wordpress, joomla and much more from the control panel, no need to upload software, etc.
  • Database backups and downloads direct from the control panel.
  • Automated SSL certificate installation, no requirement for a dedicated ip address, and reduced cost of certificates to secure website.
  • Faster web services and much more.

The change will begin from the beginning of August 2017, and unfortunately will require some manual involvement from our support engineers for customers whom are hosting wordpress websites, to accomodate the path changes of the location of the websites, due to the way wordpress stores the image location information in the database.  However each customer will be notified when their account is being migrated to ensure no downtime of their websites.

Please keep a lookout for more info on-going.


HostworX Support

Friday, July 14, 2017

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